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Arnaud Lorioz

CEO & Founder

Arnaud started his career as an FX & interest rates trader in the banking sector. He joined the sugar industry at the end of 2013 and took over an intertrade brokerage desk in the Brazilian, European, Indian, and Thai sugar markets. After a few years in the industry, he realized that sugar and many other commodities markets were extremely late in digitisation compared to other financial products and B2B business. The idea to create The Deepcore began in 2017 when he realized the growing demand for better and more efficient brokerage in the commodities sector and the number of problems traders were facing with their current solutions.
Arnaud has a keen interest in new technology, digital platforms, big data, and quantitative analysis. He often meets and talks with brokers or traders of other commodities to see how the « Core-In » platform and our AI research solutions can diversify their offering and create value in the process.

Dorian Lupu


Dorian is a software engineer and an entrepreneur. He is passionate about helping companies by creating tailored web and mobile applications that streamline business processes. Thanks to his hard work and focus on optimization, Dorian helped groups such as SNCF-RESEAU, THALES, or ACCOR by creating personalized, tailor-made solutions focusing on improving their efficiency. These digital solutions helped those groups save money by being more efficient in their optimization.
He gained project and team management skills by exposure to different roles like Team Lead, Engineering Lead, or Technical Project Manager. Still, he always remained close to the technical aspects of his work.

Ankit kain

Sugar Broker

Ankit is a versatile professional who has acquired significant experience in a wide array of corporate avenues like project management, business development and sales. He has a background in Engineering and a keen interest in commodities. Trading brought him to France, where he graduated with a master’s degree from the ESCP Business School, London & Paris. Brimming with confidence and raring to break new grounds he started his voyage in commodities with an internship as a Broker in Biofuels & Feedstocks with Greenea. In this internship, he helped in the organization of the biofuels market research, sourcing and managing raw materials from waste streams with the purpose of increasing sustainable feedstock options for biofuels producers. This paved the way for him with The Deepcore for another internship before embarking full time with The Deepcore.

Ygor Rocco Ferreira

Sugar Broker

Ygor holds a degree in Agronomic Engineering from ESALQ (University of São Paulo), attended the “Certificate in Business Administration” program at the University of Victoria (UVIC), in Canada and developed his entire career in the commercialization of commodities, mainly sugar. Over the last 20+ years of his professional career, Ygor has worked in different positions of the sugar trading chain: from derivatives broker, commercial manager of sugar mills and as a senior trader for the largest producer groups in the sugar and ethanol sector such as Raízen and Biosev/Louis Dreyfus company. He also has experience in trading liquid fuels (diesel / gasoline / ethanol) which has contributed to broadening his experience in commodity trading. Having worked in different links in the international trading chain, he knows how to value relationships with his clients and understands the importance of the ethical, trust and professionalism in sugar trading.

Maxime Quesnel

Full stack web developer

Maxime developed a passion for web development at 16 years old. He started as an autodidact, and one year later, he joined the Wild Code School. After nine months of intensive web & mobile development, he continued with one year-long apprenticeship, where senior software engineers mentored him to acquire the skills needed to deliver well-crafted code. User-oriented, he pays attention to the customer’s needs and proactively looks for ways to improve the user experience of the web & mobile applications he is developping.

Edesio Cavalcanti

Soybeans digital platform ambassador

Edesio started his career in a family business in the fishing industry in 2004. From capture and processing, to marketing and distribution, he was involved in all the value chain. He is graduated with a master’s degree in International Business and has worked with many different European companies willing to settle in Brazil. In 2015, he was invited to be part of the founding board of the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce in São Paulo. In 2018 he started in the agricultural grains business as a soybeans broker. Enthusiastic and passionate for connecting people and businesses, he rapidly obtained recognition in the market for his professionalism and results. Edesio shares The Deepcore s mantra, Technology is key to any scalable successful business. So he joined The Deepcore to contribute to a more efficient brokerage model to the commodities market.